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Floor Facilities


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    • Source: 圖書資訊處
    • Date: 2011/09/09

    The layout of each floor is as follows:

    Floor Library Spaces
    B1 Floor Floor Self-Study Room、Comics Room、Media Audio-Visual Room、E-Learning Room、Digital Multimedia Room
    Closed Stacks(1)、Closed Stacks(2)、Office
    1st Floor Circulation Desk、Information Access、Creative Reading Section、The book exhibition of arts & design、Current Periodicals、Newspapers and New Books Display、Office
    2nd Floor Information Access、Chinese Computer-Related Books Reference Books Section、Assigned Reference Books Bound Periodicals、Fashion Magazine、Meditation Lounge、Audiovisual Classroom、library director's office、 Office、Meeting Room、Small Group Discussion Room D2-1~D2-2、Individual Research Room(Reserved for Film Editing)S2-1
    3rd Floor Information Access、Chinese Books(001-499)、Western Books、Outdoor Reading Section、Small Group Discussion Room D3-1、Individual Research Room S3-1~S3-5
    4th Floor Information Access、Chinese Books(500-999)、The CSU’ Class Yearbook Section、CSU Publications、 Small Group Discussion Room D4-1、Teacher’s Research Room T4-1~T4-6、Individual Research Room S4-1~S4-8


    Top Ten Book Display

    1. Textbook Section
    2. Creative Reading Section
    3. Humanities Section from Excellent Projects Books
    4. Certification-Related Books
    5. The book exhibition of arts & design
    6. Chinese Computer-Related Books
    7. Designated Reference Books
    8. CSU Publications
    9. Meditation Lounge
    10. Fashion Magazine